Welcome to our site.


We have our kennel in the rural Krabbendam, a village on the westfriesedijk.


The name of our kennel is derived from the old name of the area.


In the far west of West Friesland lies the foundation of 'House Nuwendoorn'.


A forced castle of Floris V.


This has been the inspiration for the kennel name of the Nyewendoren.


The kennel vd Nyewendoren was registered with the Dutch Kennel Club in 2012 at Kynologisch Gebied


and as a breeder I meet the criteria set and I am a member of the GRCN.



My name is Hans Jansen, raised from home with the love for animals.


My first own golden retriever Zhaqhiya I got as an adult dog. A dog with a golden heart. 

 After her death, the empty place was filled for Khepria a dog with a lovely head that you can hardly refuse things. Khepria is a typical

golden retriever with a strong will.


I picked Mariko and her sister Milou from the first litter of Khepria. Mariko has grown into a beautiful golden retriever who likes to  "please" but one who, when visitors arrive in her enthusiastic, forgets that she weighs 32kg. Milou is also a beautiful golden with a good character she is more more reserved than her sister. If Mariko does or can do something, she must also be able to do it.

 In short, a beautiful couple who do not lose sight of each other.



 For me, the health and character of my dogs are number one. In addition, my dogs meet the requirements of the breeding regulations of the Golden Retriever Club Nederland breed club. (GRCN) and the Basic Regulation on Welfare and Health of the Board of Management in the Kynological Area.



We are a small kennel and have a limited number of pups available.


Notification on www.goldenretrieversfokkers.nl



The puppies grow up with a lot of love and care in a homely atmosphere.


Where they get to know the cat and the other dogs. In the garden they come into contact with the rabbits, chickens and waterfowl that all contribute to optimal socialization.


Are you looking for a puppy feel free to contact us.


 If there are pups, you can view them after appointment if they have reached the age of 4 weeks.


When they are 8 weeks old they can move to their new owners. The puppies are then chipped, grafted and dewormed. With the pup you will receive an F.C.I. recognized pedigree, the proof of ownership, a European pet passport with the veterinarian's health certificate. You will also receive a folder with information about parental information, food, vaccination, etc and I give a bucket of puppy food for the first few days.


I think it is important that the puppies are well-placed and I reserve the right to not sell the pup when in doubt. If the sale goes through, a purchase agreement will be drawn up.


 Remember before  buying a dog,  A golden retriever needs a lot of attention. Especially in puberty they can drive you to despair and they seem to forget everything they learned before. But do not worry, everything will go well with perseverance. A golden retriever is a water lover and it does not matter if it is a mud trap or a clean lake. Rinse and dry at home, and the problem is solved again.


Despite all this, a golden retriever is a friend for life who really wants to be cuddled.